Pictures of fenland Club bikes & Events
meet every Tuesday evening @ WhiteSwan Conington near Cambridge


My B31 outside Neros, St Neots Market Sq. 2012 My new BSA Regal  bike 1999 model SR500 Taken 2012 BSA A10 Watsonian Avon Cambridge taken in Eaton Socon 1999 taken in La Moussardiere France, 1999 with my two Georgia and Sam in the sidecar Coventry Motor Museium 2011 Chris Taylor La Mmoussardiere in france Line Up,  La moussardiere 2007 The French Alps, Fenland Ttour 2011 Rickman Trident, a killer on the back to ride 2007  Now on holiday in Belgium Chloe and Francesca Barnes, in my Avon sidecar 1997 France 1999
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